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Re: Partitioning XP

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 02:34:01PM -0500, Tim McDonough wrote:
> I've seen this caution several times in the past. Does this refer to a 
> physical disk being moved to another machine with files on it or is 
> there even a danger if the files are being done across a network?

Over a network the work is done by the local OS.  The remote client is
just telling it what to do.

I haven't exactly researched this much, but as I understand it, moving
an NTFS filesystem from one system to another is almost certainly
going to screw up all of the security-related bits, but it shouldn't
hurt the data.  Of course, if the drive is (was) a boot drive for
another system, Windows is likely to have issues if you try to boot
from the drive later.

Imagine if root was a different UID on every Linux system, and
changing file data caused the ownership to change on files when
mounted on a different system, and that root was actually affected by
file permissions.  Again, as I understand it, that's essentially what
is happening to NTFS.

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