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Re: Partitioning XP -- ntfsprogs (ntfsresize) just updated ...

On Sun, 2005-10-23 at 20:37 -0500, Dan Fleischer wrote:
> Use QtParted, included on Knoppix.  It works perfectly with fat32 and ntfs.

QtParted uses NTFSProgs.  It was just recently updated with major
augmentations for NTFSResize.  These aren't so much "bug fixes" with
NTFSResize itself, but it fixes more inconsistencies caused by NT's own
NTFS drivers and support.  As you've heard me say repeatedly, NTFS is a
very broken design and implementation that has been passed down for far
too long.  ;->

The download page for NTFSProgs (part of Linux-NTFS/LDM) is here:  

And a good FAQ page is here:  

If you're really into learning everything about NT (which is recommended
for Windows professionals), just like the Samba docs will teach you far
more about Windows than Microsoft's own tech docs, the Linux-NTFS/LDM
documentation will do the same on LDM Disk Labels (Primary Partition
type 42h) and NTFS filesystems:  

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