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A formal apology ...

I ask for your considerations in letting me air this post.

I re-read my posts last night, and I would like to apologize
for not taking the time to reconsider my approach.  It was
clear at several points that I could have worded many things

Furthermore, I had to laugh at myself when someone else
pointed out that our names were so similar, and I am so used
to people mispelling my name, that I sometimes responded to
things that were not intended for myself.

So I apologies to Brian, the list and many others.  I was
trying to make a few points, but it's clear that I let plenty
of 'tude come out.  And I am honest with myself that some of
my posts are inflammatory at times, and that is never
warranted, as there are far more logical means to convey
information and help.

It was not the first time I have take various meta-statements
and turned them into a full meta-discussion, and I'm sure it
won't be my last.  Sometimes I think I just need to consider
writing a blog entry instead of responding to an on-list

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