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NTFS recovery

Hello all,
     I have a HDD from WinXP that has a messed up partition table.  It
causes Windows to lock up, and won't mount, even read-only, under
Linux.  Anything I do in windows gives me problems with this drive, so
I'm hoping to find a Linux tool.

I decided to use dd_rhelp to make an image file.  The problem is, when
I try to mount it, it complains about the FS.

I've seen where people making a DD from an ext2 FS have been able to
do a fsck on the image file, but I don't think I can do that with

Does anyone have a thought of how I can get my files off this drive? 
The drive isn't making any death noises, it just seems to have bad
clusters, that have messed up the partition table and/or formatting

Thanks for the time.


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