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Re: Round two mPlayer -- The Linux Fantasy Land ...

Steve Reindl <sreindl@apci.net> wrote:
> Amen, You are preaching to the choir here. Well done. 

The solution is to get the world to adopt royalty free codecs
and completely open standard hardware.  When that happens,
everything will work "out-of-the-box" for Linux.

And that is what I call "Fantasy Land."

Because IP and legal issues will never go away.  Whether we
are talking about companies controlling the tools that create
on-line content that most people get to the fact that 90% of
American consumers are more than willing to by short-term
hardware with the lack of future support at a lower cost
(Superstore Model), lack of open standards are the problem.

And until that changes, which is very unlikely in our market,
there will always be challenges for a 100% redistributable
software system such as Linux.  ;->

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