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Re: Kernel tweaks for AMD 64

> > I went ahead and modified my kernel (I needed to anyway
> > because I moved from a via to a SiS chipset)
> You shouldn't have to do that.
I suppose I could have build the new chipset support as a module.
"Needed to", was the wrong thing to say.

> If you run a Linux/x86-64 kernel/distro, you should have that
> already.
I don't, I'm running the same IA32 distro I ran with my Athlon 2600

> > and rebuild the whole thing with gcc 4.
> What distro is this?
Debian testing/unstable IA32, with a vanilla kernel I built up from 

> There is _no_ 64-bit AGP bus option.  Now there is the I/O
> MMU of the A64/Opteron, but that'a nother story.
I'm speaking of the character driver AGP support option called 
"AMD Opteron/Athlon64 on-CPU GART support"
I'm a bit confused by what this does.

> I think you just did some K7/K8 kernel optimizations on a
> Linux/i386 distro and kernel, and didn't actually switch to a
> Linux/x86-64 distro/kernel.
That may be the case. I don't know what switch actually turns the kernel over 
to be fully 64 bit (if there is such a switch)


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