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Re: OT - Wipers

Raybo <rlewis@dtnspeed.net> wrote:
> I agree with Robert about booting to a just about any of
> the bootable distro's out there but sometime you have an
> old pc that won't read CD-R's. 

Depends on how you build your CD-R.

If you build your CD-R with a character-by-character record
in Disc-at-Once (DaO) mode using cdrecord, then it's no

If you use a packet write or block transfer mechanism,t hen
things are different.  I like to call this CD+R
retroactively.  ;->

Furthermore, do _not_ use CD-RW in CD-R emulation mode.  And
especially do not use CD-RW CLV media with CD-RW CAV (what I
also call, retroactively, CD+RW) drives.  The latter can
actually damage recorders and even their readers.

Most disc compatibility, and worse yet, drive failures I see
are due to improper use of drive and/or media.  CD-R is
physically grooved like CD-ROM, but CD-RW is not.  Same deal
with DVD-R and DVD-ROM, versus DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and,
yes, even DVD+R.

Now this has improved a bit in the DVD space because they are
labelled differently (although that means DVD+R is inherently
less compatible with players than DVD-R, especially
pre-2004), but the lack of some vendors following standards
is why CD compatibility has failed.

At least in the DVD space we have some warnings, but using a
character-by-character record in DaO ensures the most
compatibility with earlier drives.

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