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Re: Suse 9.3 Pro download

I also am running 9.3 on my Dell laptop and especially like the nvidia drivers being included with the distro. Pcbus drives, pcbus cdma card,
and anything I have tried works....except vmware won't let windows on linux access my cdma card - but that's a vmware deal, not 9.3


Charlie Bruce, CCNP,CNE,MCSE
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Tom Dison <fretinator@yahoo.com>
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08/12/2005 12:10 PM
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Since the initiation of the OpenSuse project, you can
now download the full 9.3 Pro cds at:


Also, you can download a beta of Suse 10.0 pro.

I've switched from Mandriva 2005LE to Suse 9.3 Pro on
my laptop to try it out. So far so good.

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