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Re: Windows User Group's??????? -- PC_Support list ...

Tom Dison <fretinator@yahoo.com> wrote:
> There are many experienced windows users on this list
> (I would estimate most are well-versed in windows),
> but I am not sure the topic meets the list criteria.
> Maybe Steve would allow a little OT on the subject,
> since many OS problems do overlap.

I understand your pain.  Most Microsoft NT User Groups (like
my local Orlando NT Professional Association, ONTPA) is
little more than a "people networking" list, and useless for

At the same time, many Linux Professionals are also Windows
Professionals too.  As I always say, the best way to learn
how Windows Networking works is to study the detailed
technical documents (not the HOWTOs, but the specific
technology documents) of Samba.  But most subscribers are
annoyed by the Windows-to-Windows questions, and the general
hardware questions as well.

As such and thanx largely to the continued contributions of
Phil Barnett, I established the PC_Support group as numerous
Florida LUGs were dealing with this issue.  We have
subscribers from all over, and it has really alleviated the


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