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OT: Business VoIP Service Deal w/ 3com

St Louis & Metro East:

I don't want to Spam the list with details, but there's a new deal from 
3com for VoIP telephone systems where you get your T1 (or multiple, if 
needed), all your VoIP phone equipment, long distance, etc. for no more 
money than you're spending with your existing phone service.  Minimum 10 
phones (or minimum $500/mo spent on data, telephone, and long distance) 
qualifies for the deal.  Pretty much any office using SBC for telephone 
service will save a lot of money, and get much more stuff for their 

Email me off list if you're interested.  The offer is only available in 
the St Louis metro area though.

Really sorry for the OT post, but it's just a _really_ good deal.  I don't 
like they way they're marketing it (they call it a customer retention 
program through the power of zero) but the technical specifics and the 
actual deal is _really_ good.

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-3000
President, KS Computer Room Inc.	kara@kspei.com
Southern Illinois Linux Users Group	www.silug.org

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