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Re: You might be a Linux geek.. -- no joke, Linux-only girl goes

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 20:34 -0500, kara@kspei.com wrote:
> if your 4 year old daughter approaches you working on an M$ box and 
> exclaims emphatically, "HEY, WHERE'S THE RED HAT?!@?!@?"
> I thought I had a few more years before we had to have this conversation.  
> *sigh*

That's nothing.  We had the daughter of a LEAP member go off to college
and she had _never_ used Windows before.

She was talking about it at the next meeting and it was refreshing to
hear a brand new Windows noob for once go ...

  "Where the heck are the programs?"

A few minutes later, the real fun begins ...

  "Okay, where did that file I just created go?"

  "Just tell me where the heck is my home directory?!"
   What do you mean you don't know what a home directory is?
   It's the home directory!  What do you mean I don't have one?
   An 'I' drive?  Is that what Windows calls your home directory,
   the 'I' as in 'me, myself and I' drive?"

  "Why do I have to click 'My Computer', I'm on it already?!
   Doesn't it know I'm using it?  What else would I be using?
   My files and directories are usually on my desktop."

  "I clicked this 'A' thing.  Why does it want me to insert
   something now?  Why does it keep asking me to insert something?!"

  "Okay forget that, just get me to a shell.
   What do you mean you don't know what a shell is?
   A shell!  A command prompt ...
   A DOS prompt?  I thought this was Windows?"

  "Why is it referring to me as C:\?"

A few moments later ...

  "Why are they so stupid and not using regular slashes!
   Why doesn't it like 'c[o]p[y]'?  And where is the man page?!
   Can I search for help in this thing at all?"

  "And would someone please tell me what in the hell is a folder?!
   Is that a directory?  What do you mean they don't call it a
   directory anymore?  We've always called it a directory and we
   don't like to confuse people by changing things!"

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