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Re: room (Fairview Heights)

I too agree with most of this thread. I've been arguing with Steven about
it for about a year :-)

However, don't get me started on "charters". Charters don't make people
fulfill their promises to do something and take responsibility for what
they do. If noone will (or can) take responsibility without a charter,
they won't with one either. Anywhooo...

I don't think Fairview is a good place for "restaurant socials". Not
unless we wait until 9pm to meet. They're terribly crowded and not
conducive to conversation or larger groups.

I had told Steven I wanted to host socials separate from meetings, and
that I was more than willing to offer our home to do so. (Lord knows we
should be using this floorspace for something...) It's cheaper to buy a
6pack than a single beer at a lot of those restaurants, and if someone
doesn't want to drink, or order from the menu, it's less awkward at a home
than at a restaurant. Here people can bring drinks and take turn bringing
snacks if they like, order in pizza, or gather up a group of interested
individuals in going to a restaurant. In any case, it's a lot more
comfortable than a restaurant for a lot of people...

Speaking of my floorspace, we're tentatively scheduling our annual
Christmas party. If you're interested in coming, let me know.


On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Tighe wrote:

> James,
> 	I have to agree with you on this, presenting huge things takes
> some time.  I have been working my way though most of the networking
> kernel drivers to be able to present a little event on how they work and
> which one you need.  Now, I don't mind doing this (it is even fun!) but, a
> more relaxed enviroment would be nice.  I have to work on these machines
> for about 60-70 hours a week.  I know that I normally say that I am bored,
> but truth is I have so many projects due these next couple of months I
> think that my head will explode.  This is supposed to be an outlet for
> discussion, but if we want to have formalized meetings then we need to
> draw up a charter and have some formalized leadership.  I would really
> prefer not to do that latter.  I have enough trouble dealing with
> structure at work without having to deal with it in off time.  Mostly of
> all I would like to see us moving to a point where there is a base group
> of people who can be relied on to do somethings and a group of people
> surrounding them who would like to help out with those things.  If that
> makes any sense at all.  Well, back to SAN/NAS crap.  Later.
> Tighe

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