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Re: room

	I have to agree with you on this, presenting huge things takes
some time.  I have been working my way though most of the networking
kernel drivers to be able to present a little event on how they work and
which one you need.  Now, I don't mind doing this (it is even fun!) but, a
more relaxed enviroment would be nice.  I have to work on these machines
for about 60-70 hours a week.  I know that I normally say that I am bored,
but truth is I have so many projects due these next couple of months I
think that my head will explode.  This is supposed to be an outlet for
discussion, but if we want to have formalized meetings then we need to
draw up a charter and have some formalized leadership.  I would really
prefer not to do that latter.  I have enough trouble dealing with
structure at work without having to deal with it in off time.  Mostly of
all I would like to see us moving to a point where there is a base group
of people who can be relied on to do somethings and a group of people
surrounding them who would like to help out with those things.  If that
makes any sense at all.  Well, back to SAN/NAS crap.  Later.


>Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:47:33 -0600
>From: James L. Burke <jburke@meadowbrook-farms.com>
>To: silug-discuss@silug.org
>Subject: Re: room
>I haven't attended a meeting in some time and honestly I haven't planned on 
>attending any upcoming meetings.  Mostly this has to do with my schedule 
>seperate and apart from SILUG, but I simply can't justify going to a meeting 
>that may or may not happen, or the speaker may or may not show up, or the 
>speaker may or may not be prepared, or ...
>Since I'm not planning on attending, I guess I don't care where the meeting 
>is held.  On the other hand, if I do decide to go to a meeting, I'm not 
>likely to be locked out of the O'Fallon library.
>Our office owns a projector that could be used for meetings, but if I'm not 
>in attendance, I would need to entrust this projector to one individual who 
>would be responsible for its care.  Steve ... don't go buy one when you can 
>borrow ours ...
>Lastly, if we want better attendance at meetings I would guess we need better 
>organization ... speakers should publish an outline of what they intend to 
>cover a few days prior to the meeting.  Everyone is busy and it is 
>frustrating to waste time.  On the other hand we could chuck the whole idea 
>of one person presenting a formal topic and go for a much more relaxed social 
>meeting ... in which case I'd rather see us meet at a restaurant and have fun 
>talking with each other (I guess a bar wont work 'cause Nate couldn't join 
>In the end I think a decision should be made ... do we want the meetings to 
>be a formal/instructional setting or a casual/social setting.  We could do 
>both ... a few formal topics each year that are well prepared and planned and 
>the remainder of the meetings more social/community interest.
>On the other hand, I could just shut up and get back to work ... trying to 
>write a perl dbi/cgi script to access a MySQL database ... hmmm.
>On Friday 30 November 2001 09:38, you wrote:
>> This is a problem and a solution that I don't find acceptable. At nearly
>> 1/2 of the meetings that were held at SRA, we couldn't get into the room.
>> It was either late, or not at all. While the room at SRA is a lot better,
>> it is too small (despite the recent low attendance) and entry to the room
>> is limited to only one or two individuals. This is not an acceptable
>> solution.
>> We have been looking for a projector, which solves the issue at the
>> library. I guess even though Steven's been unemployed, we'll have to
>> invest the $2k+ in a projector anyhow.
>> I'm further disturbed that a major decision, such as the meeting place,
>> was made a month ago, and never announced. Just last night I told a new
>> person buying a Linux Journal from Borders that we were meeting next week
>> at the library.
>> If a decision was made a month ago, changes should have been made to the
>> website. Discussions should have been made on the list with the REST of
>> the members.
>> You can't change the meeting time and location on the fly without telling
>> anyone. You can't just come back into town and change everything. I'm
>> sorry that we were leaving for California and couldn't make the whole
>> meeting.
>> Larry, have you decided to take the Fairview Heights group over again? (as
>> you had to when your previous group leader left)
>> -Kara
>> On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, L J White wrote:
>> > At the last meeting the group decided that because our numbers have
>> > dwindled down to a rather small group, and because not everyone was able
>> > to see what Tiegh was doing during his presentation that we move back to
>> > the SRA conference room.  The time is still the same. 7:00pm on the
>> > 2nd(?) tuesday of the month. Or is it the 3rd tuesday of the month? 
>> > Someone please remind me.
>> >
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>> > So do we have a room next year?  (Steve?  Nate?  Anyone else who lives
>> > in O'Fallon and has a library card?  :-)
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