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FYI- Possible ESR Visit

Hey everyone,

Some LUG members from UMR (University of Missouri Rolla) have contacted
the St Louis LUG regarding co-sponsoring a trip for Eric Raymond. Since we
have that auditorium available at SIU, I thought maybe we'd throw out the
possibility to extend his "circuit" to talk there as well.

Is there enough interest for me to pursue this? I've already offered our
spare room and facilities for his stay in the St Louis area. If someone
there will volunteer to coordinate flyer advertising and notifying other
local schools and such, I'll be happy to throw the SIU offer on the plate
with the St Louis and Rolla LUG coordinators. It really shouldn't be hard
to drum up 100 people or so. How many people does that room hold, Gi?

Let me know. (And please, no flames regarding ESR please. If you're not
interested, just don't be interested. Thanks :)

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/

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