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Intel Wireless series peripherals

A couple of questions and an offer.
Nate and I are playing with a couple of sets of the Intel Wireless Series Peripherals. These things are ubergeeky but there is only drivers and support for Winblows.
Here is the technical stuff. The base station connects to your box via USB. It will support eight peripherals. The available peripherals are a mouse, a keyboard and a gamepad. Everything is connected to the base station by spread spectrum modulated RF so line of sight isn't necessary. It is good for up to 3 meters at the -70dbm power available with fresh batteries. I can't explain how totally cool these things are. You can connect up to 4 gamepads and play multiplayer stuff, the lcd on the gamepad even tells you what player you are (1-4).
Here's the rub. Nate has the keyboard working with Enigma (magically worked out of the box) but needs some configuring for the Internet and multimedia keys. The mouse and gamepad do not work yet. Does anybody have experience with these under Linux. If not then I have a deal for someone who wants to spend some time playing and figuring this stuff out. I will provide a set to any one person who thinks they can get them working and then is willing share that info. If you would like to keep the set when you are done you can have them for approx. 45% of the retail cost of $129.97 (Circus City) or $60. (1 base station, 1 mouse, 1 keyboard and 1 gamepad).
Any takers?
Probably OT and inappropriate but these make great Xmas presents. I can get hundreds of them right now for slightly more than the figure quoted above.
Stephen D. Reindl