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Re: SourceForge drifting (?)

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Mike808 wrote:

> Sean /The RIMBoy/ wrote:
> > More news at 11.  In short, VA is screwing over everyone (IMO).
> Then ask for your money back if you are unhappy.

Really, I think they owe me. 

> Put up your own resources if you are unhappy with the job VA is doing.

We're working on that.  Like I said, More news at 11.  

> You have the source.

If sourceforge is indicative of their Source, then no thanks.  I'd
rather not get crabs.  Sourceforge blows.  

> Don't write code for *VA* if you don't like their policy.

Well, unfortunately most of us found out too late.  

> I've had enough cheap wine for now...

Thanks.  We're all enlightened by your unique opinion.

C'mon Mike, give me more credit than what you just did.  I don't use
Sourceforge for my projects, I hate the sourceforge interface, period.  

Mark my word, Sourceforge as a repository for Open source projects will
not be around in a year.  Either VA is going to pull the plug or they'll
charge hosting fees.  It's simple  SF is nothing but a bandwidth
hemmorage.  When you hemmorage bandwidth, you hemmorage money.  It's
apparent that VA is doing such a thing and thus attempts to put on the
breaks.  The problem is, they've driven into a lake.  No breaks in the
world will stop a sinking company.


Believing I had supernatural powers, I slammed into a brick wall.
	--Paul Simon
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