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Great New Game...

I'm a big fan of Marathon (some god forsaken game), and when I found out that 
they were opensourcing it, I was overjoyed.  The game was (and still is) 
2-and-a-half-D, but the storyline is teh win.  Have a look at it at 
http://source.bungie.org , make sure you have SDL, SDL_image, and SDL_net 
*developer and standard* packages in, compile, install, yada yada yada, you 
get the idea.
Be sure not to run it as root, as it seg. faults almost immediately 
(Source_Files/Misc/Packing.h, line 77).
It should complain about data files.
Get those from my server at
I'm too lazy to put up a website for that IP, you should see a directory 
Grab Shapes, Sounds, Images, and Map and put those into your 
/usr/local/share/AlephOne directory.
This might take a while as, well, cable sucks.

Whomever beats the game without hacking their save game gets $5 at the next 
SILUG metting.

Grab the game and tell me what you think of it.

D espair
R age
E nvy
A nger
M alice
S pite
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