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Re: Tomorrow nights meeting.

i wrote
> so i'm assuming that there was no meeting on the first, and that this will
> be the november meeting tonight, oh now would be a great time to skip
> and go to a lug meeting, sounds like fun, i'll bring a hub, network
> and a laptop with linux on it, i assume that it's held in the same place
> the directions on the web sight suggest, could someone hit me back and
> confirm, thanks
> Bob the Kat
wow i must really be tired, forget the comment about the first, i looked at
the calender six times and really thought the first was on a tues (as
everyone can easily see it was on a thurs), so i'll be there
Bob the Kat

"When everyone's out to get you, paranoia's just good thinking!"
-- WKRP's Dr. Johnny Fever

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