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Tomorrow nights meeting.

Hello all,
	Seeing how there hasn't been an announcement sent out about this
and since I have pulled my head out of the sand from a long weekend lo and
behold there is another meeting upon us.  It appears that from a consensus
that most of the people out there would like to take a look at packet
sniffing and disecting a tcpdump.  So, for a practical demonstration, I
would like those that have laptops to bring them.  Those with linux would
be MOST helpful.  Also if anyone has a hub and some network cables that
would be nice also.  :)  Well, back to Dark Age of Camelot!  Bring on the
ale and wenches!


Tighe Schlottog		Sys Admin at large	  /emry\"@"/accessus.net\
                             ook ook

GIT/GS d-- s:++ a-- C++++ UL++++$ US++++$ UB+++$ UO+++$ P+++>++++$ L+++>
++++$ E--- W- N++ w--- V PS+ PE Y++ PGP++ t+ 5++ X++ R+++ tv+
b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ e++>+++ h--- r++ y**

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