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Netatalk - make your Linux server Apple Time Machine Compatible

Ever since Crashplan dropped their free peer-to-peer backup service, I've been on a journey to develop a backup solution for my wife's Mac laptops. Apple's Time Machine does a great job of backing up. However, unless you buy their Apple Time Capsule, it doesn't "just work" across the network without extra work from the command line.

Enter Netatalk.


This little open source project allows your Linux server to speak AFP, and it handles the little additional bits to make Time Machine automatically see it and back up to it. At least I think it does. I'm working on building an rpm today.

Looks like the package exists in Fedora, but is retired:


I'm sending out this message to get an idea if there is anyone else has an interest in using this rpm or learning about the application. I can put in a request to un-retire the package if anyone is interested in it showing up in Fedora/EPEL repos again. Otherwise, I'll just mock build the rpm locally.


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