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Download entire Fedora 27 repository plus updates

OK fellow SILUG-ers... I'm a few days behind getting the Fedora 27 scripts
posted to this mail list. Mea culpa. As always, edit the two environment
variables $LOCAL_USER and $LOCAL_DEST to match your system needs. Then put
them in /usr/local/bin, chown them to root:root, and chmod them to 755.

Normally I just post the script to download the general availability
release along with Steve's linkdups de-duplication script so you can pack
it all into a slightly smaller chunk of your hard drive.

This time I've added a nightly script to fetch all of the most up-to-date
updates and bug fixes. That list was actually growing before the general
release was posted. With the updates in hand, you can be assured of having
the latest and greatest when your installation is complete.

One tiny corner of Fedora 27 I'll be rummaging through very carefully is
the 64-bit ARM stuff for my Raspberry Pi 3. I so want to have that little
deck-of-cards sized rascal running Fedora on my 55" flatscreen. :-)

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL




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