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Saturday's meeting

Well, as Steve said it was a small crowd tonight. Steve presented a draft
of a presentation he's calling "You're Doing It Wrong" in which he rattled
off a long list of things that should sound terribly close to home for
anyone who has ever tried to set up, manage, and troubleshoot anything
more than a half dozen machines. You really missed a masterpiece, folks.

I brought my brand new, never-been-powered-on Raspberry Pi 3B along with
an 8GB MicroSD and its USB adapter. The Fedora development team has
declared that as of the Fedora 25 Beta release, they are formally
supporting the Pi 3. HOORAY!! My plan for the night was to use xzcat and
dd to write the latest nightly Fedora 25 Workstation image for ARM to the
MicroSD and see if it would boot correctly.

Lo and behold, it actually booted to a proper GNOME 3 desktop on Steve's
large flatscreen TV monitor. WiFi wasn't working so I had to use copper
Ethernet. As soon as I connected the cable, voila! I had connectivity.
There are a couple of tweaks I like to make to all of my systems. One is a
custom.sh file I copied over from my laptop while the MicroSD was still
mounted to a USB port. The other was a change to the PS1 shell prompt that
I had to key in manually with vi. (Curiously, vim doesn't seem to be in
the Workstation image.)

My Pi is fully on its own and capable of keeping itself updated from the
network. Not sure why WiFi didn't work. That's a question for the Fedora
developer's list. I'll install the MATE desktop later tonight. I'm hoping
my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can be paired with it. Then I really need
to look for a proper case. :-)

Hope to see you all on Wednesday, December 2.

--Doc Savage

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