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Re: Fedora 18 update

On Mon, 2012-10-08 at 16:29 -0500, Kevin Thomas wrote:
> After what I heard about Fedora 17, I decided to skip it and stick
> with 16 for now. Does 18 offer anything worth the upgrade? BTRFS as
> the native file system perhaps?


You can read all about 18's features here:


The System Storage Manager (SSM), now 80% complete, promises a universal
CLI with common commands for all installed filesystems.

I know what you mean about 17. I simply had to jump from 14 to 17. I
despised the GNOME 3 desktop. Then MATE arrived a couple of months
later, and gave back my GNOME 2.x desktop. I'm still a long way from
being as good with GRUB2 and systemctl as I was with GRUB and sysinit,
but I'm making slow progress.

If you want stable but boring, there's CentOS 6. If you want to keep up
with the bleeding edge of production, climb aboard Fedora 18 in late


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