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Re: External HDD Format?

Ext4 is supposed to be pretty awesome. Check out the write performance
for large files:

Of course, your kernel has to be new enough to have it. I've got Ext3 on
my 250GB external and it works pretty well, I can even use the windows
Ext2 driver with it: http://fs-driver.org/

The only problem with mounting it as Ext2 is if you disconnect it
without unmounting you might end up scanning for a long time since it
disables the journaling in Ext2 mode. If you're sticking with linux this
won't be a problem.

On Sat, 2009-01-17 at 00:32 -0600, Wolfgang wrote:
> I encountered an issue I've never had before tonight, a file actually
> too big for a FAT32 partition, the external is an old 80GB that I use
> for all of my Linux .iso files and about 10GB of media files I need to
> keep around.  My question is what format should I use, I don't really
> need it to by Windows compatible so I'm considering Ext 3, but thought
> I would ask what format would be ideal if I plan on it only be used
> with Linux.
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