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Re: Semi OT: SANS in Springfield, IL

On Fri, 7 Apr 2006, George Williams wrote:

> I just moved into an InfoSec position and I, and more importantly my 
> supervisor, think this is a good opportunity.

 	In case it wasn't obvious, I agree :)

> Can you provide any insight or suggestions on how these courses should be 
> approached?

 	Like any other college course, except they cram the in-class stuff 
into 6 days.  If you are going for the certification, expect to spend at 
least 3 months preparing for the Silver exams, and then an additional 3-6 
months on the Gold practical.

> Have you considered working towards a SANS Master's?

 	I have.  I need to wait until my fiancee graduates from school 
though.  InfoSec positions are starting to require/appreciate Business 
degrees/focus because graduates (in theory) have a better sense of 
balancing risk with reward (profit), so I've also considered an MBA with a 
focus in Information Systems or Information Security (if such a thing 
exists).  However, SANS would no-doubt be more practical.

 	Hope you enjoy the class.  Let us know how it goes.

Richard H. Fifarek

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