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Semi OT: SANS in Springfield, IL


 	For those of you interested in training, particularly security, I 
strongly encourage you to consider SANS.  I've taken a number of their 
courses, and have always been impressed.

 	The reason I bring it up now is that SANS has a volunteer program 
where, in exchange for you "working" for SANS for a week at the 
conference, you get to take one of their courses with certification for 
$500 (a savings of $2k+).  If you can get a volunteer slot, it's usually 
an easy(ier) sell to your boss to spend to get you some training.


 	You can see a listing of their courses at:


 	Some that are probably particular interest to this group (by no 
means a complete list):

SANS Security Essentials
Firewalls, Perimeter Protection & Virtual Private Networks
Securing Unix/Linux
Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques - Hands On
Secure Internet Presence LAMP
Linux Systems Administration *

 	* The Linux sys admin course is new, and I don't know much about 
it.  From what I do know, it's basically in direct competition with 
LPIC1/2, which Steve, Kara, and myself have worked with a fair bit.  If 
you are starting from (nearly) scratch, this maybe a good option, 
particularly if you can get volunteer slot, from a money standpoint.

 	 As far as direct experience, the courses I have taken:

Security Essentials w/cert
Intrusion Detection In-Depth w/cert
Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques - Hands On
Securing Solaris - Gold Standard

 	In June, I'm set to take the Firewalls, Perimeter Protection & VPN 
course w/cert as a volunteer, so I will be able to give a first hand 
account of the volunteer experience.

 	If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly, or open 
it up for discussion on the list (it IS a bit off topic, but ...).

P.S. This was completely unsolicited by SANS, I get no money or other 
benefit if you sign up, or even recognition of the fact.  I feel that 
SANS is one of the better organizations in this space, and just wanted to 
get the word out.

Richard H. Fifarek

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