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St. Louis Code Camp in May

Thought I would pass on this announcement from Brian Button about  
Code Camp.

- Robert
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As you may have heard, a group of local St. Louis developers are  
organizing the St. Louis Code Camp to be held May 6th and 7th. Code  
camps are very loosely organized conferences where people who are  
passionate about software come to listen to and give talks on  
subjects they feel strongly about. As a concept, they started in  
Boston, spread to the West Coast, and we're very excited to be  
bringing it here to the center of the country.

The basic idea behind code camps is described in the Code Camp  
Manifesto at http://blogs.msdn.com/trobbins/archive/ 
2004/12/12/280181.aspx. They are:

1) By and for the local developer community
2) Always free
3) All content is original and freely available for all to use  
without restriction
4) No fluff -- only code
5) Community owned -- anyone may attend, anyone may sign up to  
speak.  Both roles are first-come, first-served
6) They always occur over a weekend

All languages, platforms, methodologies, operating systems, and  
topics are welcome. We'd love to have talks about Java on MacOS, Ruby  
on Windows, Mono on Linux, you name it, we'd love to hear about it.

All are welcome to sign up to attend, present, or volunteer at our  
St. Louis Code Camp website, http://www.stlcodecamp.org.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know at  

Thanks for your help,

Brian Button		bbutton@agilestl.com
Principal Consultant	http://www.agilesolutionsgroup.com
Agile Solutions Group	http://oneagilecoder.agilestl.com
St. Louis, MO		636.399.3146

Extreme Programming in St Louis - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xpstl

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