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FC4t2 progress

With a gdm that doesn't run the CPU to 100% as it did in FC4t1, FC4t2
takes a better-behaved step toward the next stable release. I noted one
very minor glitch during installation where I had to shake the li'l
mousey to get the [Forward] button to appear on one screen.

The first sign of trouble didn't appear until I clicked on the bright
red RHN update ball and started running up2date. Something like 462
packages needed updating. No big deal with wideband, eh? Trouble was,
that silly [Forward] gremlin was back. When I clicked the "Select All"
box, a single checkmark appeared alongside the topmost package. Being
somewhat stubborn (some would say OCD) I manually checked every one of
the little blighters and still didn't get a [Forward] box. In the words
of the Master, up2date is borked in t2. I even tried updating to the
latest Development version. No joy there either.

Plan B: Try yum. A new experience for me. Read a lot about it, but never
used it since it doesn't come with past versions of FC or RHEL. As I
write this the number of update packages has grown to 466, but yum is
dutifully pulling them down one by one. Well, uhhhmmmmm, maybe I spoke
too soon. It just stopped at 57/466 with iiimf-emacs-12. something.

Wow! Major lockup. No mouse. No keyboard. No 3-finger salute. Had to ssh
in and kill the VMware session. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention I do all my
testing in a virtual machine. Saves a lot of wear and tear on physical

Yum second attempt. Install 5, Update 461, Remove 0. Here we go.... This
time there are only 409 packages to download. Where does yum store its
rpm files? I've already got the Development directory stored elsewhere,
so it seems dumb to download everything twice...


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