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Re: Print to Windows XP with Fedora Core 3 -- Use the Printer

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>Menu -> System Settings -> Printing
>Enter Root Password
>And the Wizard will guide you.
>The Printer Type will be "SMB" and you might need a username/password.
>It sometimes gets weird with XP.
Unfortuntely this is Windows XP Pro. Okay, here's where I'm at so far:
1. I logged in as root and chose KDE as the session. 2. I went to
menu>system settings>printing. I've been this far before. 3. Went
through the wizard and chose SMB as the type. 4.Got an authentication
screen that asked for Workgroup, Server, Share, User Name and Password.
Checked for spelling to make sure all were correct. Used the Windows
local admin and password. 5. After a moment of processing, the
authentication screen pops right back up. No matter what I input, I get
the same effect.

So maybe I should have should have sent this info in the first message.
Sorry, but I got somewhat sidetracked by the rest of the Web's ranting.
-Aaron Kenney

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