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Print to Windows XP with Fedora Core 3

There is probably something incredibly obvious that I am not seeing in 
KDE, but what I am trying to do is get Fedora set up to print to my 
printer which is connected to my Windows XP computer. Currently I have 
the printer shared out in Windows, but when I use the LAN and printer 
browsers in KDE, I cannot see the share on the Fedora computer. I've 
been reading somewhat on Samba and CUPS, but it's gotten very 
discouraging. Most of the webs sites each outline a different process. 
Nothing just flat-out gives the 1-2-3 of it all. Unfortunately, a lot of 
directions also seem to be given for Debian and not Fedora. I'm looking 
for information going from the Fedora defaults (in KDE) forward.

Samba seems to be working. I can see all of the other file shares and 
that sort of thing just fine. I had to do some data entry here and there 
to get samba and lisa to show me the file shares in the KDE LAN browser. 
I don't mind using a console, but do mind instructions that assume a 
working knowledge of Linux and all it has to offer. I skipped on Debian 
so that I wouldn't have to learn Linux from the absolute ground floor 
up, but it looks like I'm going to get trapped into devoting a lot more 
personal time to this than I wanted to. Unfortunately, I lost the 
fascination with exploring new computer worlds years ago. Somewhere 
along the line, I devoted my life to hardware and producing computers 
that are built for the sole purpose of raw speed. Must be a male ego thing.

Anyhow, I would like to trudge forward on this, but I could use some 
-Aaron Kenney

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