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Re: [Mega-OT] Coming back to St. Louis ... looking for somewhere ?

From:  Tom Dison 
> While the topic is the off-topic topic of [Mega-OT]...

Which I'm entirely to blame for.

> I thought would throw in news for those poor souls
> who had to listen to me complain of my joblessness 
> at the last SILUG meeting.

I have no problems hearing issues of employment/unemployment, although I will personally limit mine to never more than once a quarter year.
For the most part, being a traveling consultant, it's a "heads up" that I just became available again
(fellow list members often take me up for a few days on some nagging issue at their employer/business).

The only thing that "pisses me off" is the Linux marketing / "distro pissing."
It's the main reason I typically stick to UNIX groups and only sparingly belong to Linux-centric groups.
But that falls into the general issue I have with people who define their terms in what they hate (about distro X, OS Y, even political canidate Z) instead of what they like (about distro A, OS B, political candidate C).

There is always something positive to say about anything.
Especially when it comes to justifying your "choice,"
instead of your hate of a "decision."

> I got a 3-month position at
> It's not much, but I think it will lead to more.


> Resume normal transition...

Impossible with list-abusing people like myself around.  ;->

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