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[OT] Yet Another Perl Conference North America 2005 announces call-for-papers

   YAPC::NA 2005 (Yet Another Perl Conference, North America) has just
   released its call-for-papers; potential and aspiring speakers can
   submit a presentation proposal via:


   The dates of the conference are Monday - Wednesday 27-29 June 2005.
   The location will be in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Note that
   a different date block was previously announced, but has been moved to
   accomodate venue availability.)

   The close of the call-for-papers is April 18, 2005 at 11:59 pm.

   If you have any questions regarding the call-for-papers or speaking at
   YAPC::NA 2005 please email na-author@yapc.org

   We would love to hear from potential sponsors. Please contact the
   organizers at na-sponsor@yapc.org to learn about the benefits of

   Other information regarding the conference (e.g. venue, registration
   specifics) will be announced soon.

   We look forward to your submissions and a great conference!

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