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I finally made the switch! I think...

So, I have a new laptop and I have struggled with mandrake 10.1 to get
it working. I was getting kernel panics because of a wireless driver I
was trying to use. While I was struggling with this, I installed Fedora
3 on my new PC at work. I am impressed with it so far. To make a long
story short, I am going to give Fedora a try on my laptop.

I have already installed it and I struggled for a little while getting X
to work (I have one of those wide aspect ratio laptops). I finally got
it to work after installing the latest nVidia drivers. Now there is only
one problem, how do I load the nvidia module into the kernel at boot
time? In mandrake, I put whatever modules that I wanted automatically
loaded into /etc/modprobe.preload. How does it work in Fedora? 


I'll keep you guys posted as to how the little experiment works. I will
say this so far however. I am impressed with Fedora because it seems to
be a much more polished, coherent product. Mandrake was very easy for
the average joe to install and use, but it was too hodgepodge... I am
trying to be more succinct, but I guess I don't know how to explain

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