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Re: SCSI tape drive unrecognized


You're right. sym53c8xx_2 is the newest driver of the lot. You would
*think* it is the most compatible, and it may still prove to be.

For one thing, for whatever reason, the only way I can get any of those
drivers to load is to boot the original Psyche kernel. Whenever I try to
boot either of the two errata kernels, the PCI chain gets confused
starting with device 8.0.0 (the host adapter). Don't ask me why -- I
gotta walk before I can run.

Here are the results of manual 'insmod' trials:

   sym53c8xx_2	Pass
   sym53c8xx	Fail
   ncr53c8xx	Pass

The only differences I can discern between the first and third is that
the first generates a file /proc/scsi/sym53c8xx/1 containing:

  Chip sym53c810, device id 0x1, revision id 0x1
  On PCI bus 8, device 0, function 0, IRQ 11
  Min. period factor 25, Narrow SCSI BUS
  Max. started commands 510, max. commands per LUN 64

while the second generates a file /proc/scsi/ncr53c8xx/2 containing:

  Chip NCR53C810, device id 0x1, revision id 0x1
  On PCI bus 8, device 0, function 0, IRQ 11
  Synchronous period factor 25, max commands per lun 32

Sadly this is a lot of barely interesting trivia, since subsequent loads
of the st.o driver do nothing constructive with either HA driver

I ask any reader of this list running one or more SCSI host adapters to
examine their configuration files and post examples of how my manual
attempts fall short. For example, what are your /etc/grub.conf
arguments? Your /etc/modules.conf entries? Your mkinitrd configurations?


On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 13:57, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 07:13:37PM -0600, Robert G. (Doc) Savage wrote:
> > Situation:  IBM laptop in docking station. Docking station has Symbios
> > 53C810-type SCSI host adapter installed and connected to external DAT
> > drive. The HA and drive work perfectly with a Win2K drive in the laptop.
> > Since this is a post-install RH8 configuration, I've had to manually add
> > the following lines to /etc/modules.conf: 
> > 
> >    # SCSI host adapter (docking station only) 
> >    alias scsi-hostadapter0 sym53c8xx_2 
> >    # 
> >    # Tape drivers (docking station only) 
> >    alias st0 st 
> >    # OnStream driver 
> >    #alias osst0 osst 
> >    # 
> OK, two things jump out at me.  First, if this is really a 53c810, you
> may need to use one of the other drivers for the card.  Don't hold me
> to this, but I *think* sym53c8xx_2 is the "new" driver that doesn't
> include support for some of the older 53c8xx cards, and the 53c810 is
> as old as they get.  You probably want to try sym53c8xx, ncr53c8xx, or
> 53c7,8xx (in that order).
> Second, to get the 53c8xx driver to load automagically when you hit
> the tape drive, try adding this to modules.conf:
>     pre-install st modprobe -k scsi-hostadapter0
> You might actually have to give the correct module name (sym53c8xx or
> whatever) instead of scsi-hostadapter0.

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