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Re: attack of the 30meg print doc

well whats even more intersting is that now the smaller print jobs are going to the printer, just not coming out of it, everything else comes out just not the pdf stuff, woot, i can see the ps doc go, i watch it arrive at the printer and spool into local memory and poof it's gone, i've even turned on show postscript errors on the printer, this is to much fun, can i please have another nail to the head thank you

Bob T. Kat

On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 12:28:42PM -0600, bobkat79@charter.net wrote:
> i believe it is a ps capable printer, it registers ps when i send a ps doc to it, i suposedly can send a pdf to it in ps with kghostview one page at a time and it's still pretty huge, it's more a matter of spooling at the printer, it takes quite a while to spool a 30meg doc on this printer, the first page only comes out a little over 3 meg so it might be a start, thanks mike

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