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Rack mounting rails

I'm rack mounting something and it came with some sliding rails.

Every rail kit I've seen has L-shaped ends where the "leg" acts like a
flange to mount over the square hole portion of the mounting rail.

There are "clip nuts" that pop into the square holes and the holes
in the flange line up.

Standard stuff.

However, this particular rail kit has squared-off J-shaped ends.
The bottom of the "J" appears to butt up against the back of the square
hole mounting rail.

Obviously, the clip nuts won't do any good unless they're "inside" the
"J". I can remove the clip and the square nuts with then fit and it can
be attached to the mounting rail.

Here's the hard part. That's for the *front* rail. The rails are not
deep enough to reach the back rail (it's a 4-rail cabinet). Instead,
each mounting rail (the square-hole facing outward ones) are shaped such
that there is an inner mounting flange with round holes several inches
to the interior of the cabinet. The inner mounting flange holes, however,
face the *side* of the cabinet, and are offset for additional clearance
inside the chassis.

The problem is that the J-shaped rail ends don't appear to have any way
to mount to this side-facing mounting flange. The rails appear to be sized
so that the front can be mounted against the front-facing flange (properly),
but the rear rail end extends exactly far enough to line up with the rear 
side-facing flanges.

The kit came with some flat aluminum "bars" with threaded holes to line
up with some smaller screws. It looks like the "bar" can lay flat in the
inside of the "J" and the screw can go through the rack's side-facing 
mounting flange, through some aligned "slots" in the J-shaped rail end,
and then to the "bar". Tightening it all up will pull the rail end to the 
mounting flange, it appears.

However, when the screw is oriented in this position, it is impossible
to get a screwdriver on the screw to turn it.

Has anyone seen this kind of mounting kit before? What am I missing?

I've googled and never seen the "J-shaped" type of rail end.
They're all L-shaped in the various rack cabinet diagrams and installation

The unit's instructions say "See the separate instructions supplied with
the rails.", which, obviously, were not. :=(

This isn't a server, so goofy Dell, Compaq, or other server equipment
information won't really apply here.

If you must know, it's an nCipher nShield F3 unit.



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