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Re: Johansen acquitted

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 03:47, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> Judges in Norway must be way more expensive than judges in this
> country.  :-/

Goliath lost to David here. What a wonderful thing. The MPAA, although
not a part of the suit, were the original instigators. The government of
Norway decide to persue the lawsuit. It would seem that there is some
common sense still in Norway.

"Johansen felt strongly that since he owned the DVDs, he should be able
to view them as he liked, preferably right on his own computer. He
needed to break the code on them in order to do so.

The court, citing Norwegian laws that protect what a consumer can do
with his or her own property, agreed."

Laws that protect the consumer, what a concept!

Slingshot anyone?


When people are uncertain, they would rather have somebody who's
strong and wrong than somebody, who's weak and right.
William Jefferson Clinton  December 3, 2002 

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