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Re: Looking for Novell + Solaris/Unix/Linux skillz

Bill inquired:
> You know what else might be cool?   A non-archived, topicly-disoriented (gr?)
> list, open to any-topic chatter.  That way, we could post jobs, whether
> Linux-related or not (IT oriented hopefully, I don't care how many openings
> Hardees has right now!), flame Tighe as much as we wanted, and be able to
> talk about other stuff too.  How about it, Pritchards?

Poof! I've just invented it. It's a universal solution, and best of all
it's *already* implemented in everyone's email clients.

Just insert a header thusly into each email message:

   Subject: Whatever your topic is goes here

Aint't that nifty! I @m 5o 733t. 

Now you can sort your email messages based on this field, and setup
your own rules for moving them automatically into categorized lists.
Most gui-based email clients visualize this as "folders" into which the
sorted messages go.

Oh, and you're welcome. I won't even patent this idea, nor send an army
of lawyers to sue people for implementing it. Ain't Open Source grand?



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