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Re: XLEL: Best Dist?

On Monday 06 January 2003 09:03 am, William Underwood wrote:
> The newest extreme sport: XLEL - Xtreme Low End Linux!!  Also known as
> XLIPOSS -- Xtreme Linux Installation on Piece of S*** System.  Some refer
> to it as SLIDDITW - Sane Linux Installation, Don't Do It This Way...
> System:
> 486SX-33
> 32MB RAM
> 1.2 GB HDD
> 512K Video
>   Not that I would do it, but someone just asked me what would be the best
> distribution for this box.  The RAM, HDD, and video aren't that big of a
> deal, I know.  It's more the CPU and BIOS that have me worried.  They are
> looking for XWindows, or a GUI of some kind.  I thought about loaning them
> my Slackware diskettes (They are a good 7 years old...), or my RH4.0
> Install CD, but I figured they should probably get something a little more
> modern.

Slackware is probably a good choice. Even a modern version of Slackware still 
has older kernels, if I recall correctly, which should have excellent support 
for this system. Linux From Scratch probably wouldn't be a bad option, 
either, as you can roll your own 2.2 or even 2.0 kernel. As for an X 
Windowing system, you *might* be able to get past with a light window manager 
like fluxbox or blackbox. Don't even try a full fledged desktop environment, 
or any major applications. It clearly won't be a killer machine for X and 
will be awfully slow.

Scott C. Linnenbringer
finger sl at eskimo.com

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