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Re: Linux & Wireless networking

Steve wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 02:53:07PM -0600, James L. Burke wrote:
> > I'd like your recommendation on Linux wireless and also some price quotes 
> > as well ... 1 Access Point, 2 Cards for home use.
> Probably the best card for Linux users is either the Orinoco (Agere)
> Gold card.

Only diff b/w Gold and Silver is 64-bit vs 128-bit WEP. Since WEP is
useless, go for the cheaper silver cards. Pricewatch is running around $70.

Other cards (e.g. the Airports) have higher power outputs in the more
expensive cards. Higher power = longer range, plain and simple.

> Here are some alternatives for access points:
>     D-Link DWL-900AP	$156
>     NetGear ME102	$160
>     Belkin F5D6130	$165
>     Linksys WAP11	$166
>     SMC 2655W		$174
>     D-Link DWL-1000AP	$186

In the St. Louis Wireless group (stlwireless.net) (plug, plug),
we've just completed an order for some Lucent RG-1000 access points.
We can get them currently at $110 for the AP and $140 for the "AP Kit"
which includes an extra silver card. Interestingly, the RG-1000 has
a java-based configuration utility, and is a snap under both linux
and non-Linux OSes. Even more interesting, the RG-1000 is a plastic 
shell around a plain-old Orinoco Silver card for its guts.

So, for the kit price, you get the AP essentially for free.
Too bad you didn't open your yap yesterday....

If there's enough interest, i.e. more than quantity 1, I'll be glad
to place another order - and I take Paypal (i.e. MC/Visa).
E-me off-list for more info.

Our group can also help you work through things like external antennas and
cabling. I also highly recommend the new O'Reilly book on wireless community 
networking if you're thinking about opening up your access point for
general use by you, your neighbors, etc.

The basic idea is that you run the AP outside your firewall and tunnel
inside and then back out to your internet. Then, a compromise on your AP can 
only get the hacker greater internet access, which you are giving away anyway.
Plus, the potential hacker has to disclose much, much more about him/herself 
when participating in your wireless network. i.e. you have a MAC address and 
know they are within a certain physical distance to your AP.

The software you want to run on/behind your AP can be gandered at 
http://nocat.net. Sign up for the stlwireless.net list if you're interested at 
the local level. We'd love to see free wireless access everywhere. Free 
wireless access to/from schools and libraries would be a huge start. Or a mesh 
that never hits a hard line for local traffic - i.e. truly *FREE* bandwidth, 
all day, all the time, and they'll make more.


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