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Re: Using mutt ...

On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 11:20:05AM -0600, James L. Burke wrote:
> Also, is there a way to reduce the learning curve on .muttrc?  I'm reluctant 
> to spend a lot of time creating a nifty .muttrc file and then decide mutt 
> isn't going to get the job done for me ... suggestions?

Here's a few things I use in my muttrc (in no particular order):

    mailboxes ! +lists

That makes mutt monitor both my default mail spool ("!" is
/var/spool/mail/steve in my case) and my "lists" folder

    set record=+sent-mail-`date +%Y%m`

That saves any mail I send in ~/Mail/sent-mail-200201 (this month,

    set forward_format="%s (fwd)"
    set sort=reverse-date-sent
    set sort_browser=reverse-date
    set index_format=" %Z %-4C %{%b %d} %-15.15L (%4l) %s"

All that makes mutt work (and look) a little more like elm.

    set editor="vi -c 'set wm=10' %s"

That sets my editor to vi with the one option I happen to like.

    source ~/.mutt/aliases

I keep my aliases in another file.  You could include any other file
with "source".

    set alternates=steve@(kspei\.com|(silug|luci|stllinux)\.org|lanscape\.net)

That is a regular expression (egrep-style) that tells mutt what my
email addresses are.  (Of course, that's not even close to complete.  :)

    set envelope_from=yes

That tells mutt not to expose your actual user and hostname.  You want

If you only have one email address, you can do something like this:

    my_hdr From: Steven Pritchard <steve@silug.org>

Otherwise, if you use several addresses, you probably want something
like this:

    send-hook . 'set signature=~/.signature; my_hdr From: Steven Pritchard <steve@silug.org>'

That sets the default.  That has to be first.  Then you can do stuff
like this:

    send-hook @jburke\.com 'set signature=~/.signature.kspei; my_hdr From: Steven Pritchard <steve@kspei.com>'

That way my "work" email address (and signature) are used when I email

One other tip...  If you use IMAP to read your mail, you can use
something like this:

    set spoolfile={username@mail.server}inbox

(Obviously, edit "username@mail.server" appropriately.)

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