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Castlewood Orb

Here I go playing again. I had an Orb drive and an 8X CD-RW laying around 
that I installed today. Has anyone used the ORB under Linux.

I checked a couple of lists and they seem to be able to get it to work with a 
simple fstab entry, although it doesn't handle the removeable media part 
because there is a bit in flash that needs to be set for that to work and 
Castlewood appears to be perturbed with the Linux guys who WERE working on it 
so they are not playing well. I did this;

It is an EIDE internal drive connected to the slave on IDE0. The disk is 
formatted extended FAT16 (but if I remember correctly it kept shredding the 
disks which is why I removed it). I upgraded the firmware to fix that but now 
I get input/output error
unable to read, wrong filesystem type or bad superblock when I try to mount 
it or use fdisk.

Added to /etc/fstab;
/dev/hdb	/mnt/orb		msdos	noauto,owner.kudzu 0 0

Any suggestions?


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