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Re: recompiling kernels in Red Hat 7.2

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 01:54:28PM -0600, Sean /The RIMBoy/ wrote:
> However, g++ does not do a good job of compilation.  Dont know what they
> screwed up, but my friend took the same code to a 6.2 system and it worked
> just fine.  Futhermore, he was using the code that was supposed to work
> with RH7.  :(

Actually, better support for C++ was one of the reasons Red Hat gave
for using that particular version of gcc.  It adheres to the standards
better, but unfortunately that breaks a lot of older code.  (Code that
will break with gcc 3 also, BTW.)

> Well, they actually dropped alpha (RH that is), so that's kinda a moot
> point.

Actually they just announced 7.2 for alpha.  I think Compaq has
basically taken over maintenance of it...

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