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kppp permission problem

hello all,
I have just installed my new RH 7.2 and had a heck of time with various
little problems, not necessarily related to RH though.. All seems to be
working well, networking, SAMBA, etc..  I cannot figure out one thing,
have set up kppp for ISP dialing, and I keep getting a permission
problem requiring me to give root passwd..  now, in my previous other
distros, I just go into /dev and change permissions of modem, or ttyS1,
or whatever, and then all works fine.  Well I did this, and still have
to supply root passwd. what gives on RH.. ?  Obviously I am missing
something...  Appreciate the help, as this bugs me...

I spent one day just configing the network... I redid hosts, and other
stuff a million times... come to find out, everytime I try to ping out
to the other puters, it would not... well, I must take my cable out of
my switch and put it back in for network connection... never had this
problem either with other distros.. it just works... This is the only
way I can run my network on RH, to unplug from the switch every time I
boot the box.  Happens every time with my Linksys switch... go figure...
talk about a time waster.. 

Best regards,

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