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Re: Feb Meeting, socials, etc

I like cheap, too.  Socials are nice and I haven't made it to one up 
there yet and will be missing most of the one here in C'dale tonight. 
And I always learn something at installfests! I also like family/guests 
being welcome (even if I don't always bring someone).

Kara Pritchard wrote:

> Which brings me to the next point, socials and more. People who are 
> interested, what would you like out of a social meeting? Food? Games? 
> Restaurant? Would you want to be just members, or bring family/guests?
> Between having a baby and being a cheapskate (sp), my vote would be 
> non-restaurant. Due to that, I'm more than willing to host a monthly 
> carry-in dinner event, carry-in snacks, movie night, game night, veg 
> night, beer night, pizza night, whatever. We can always use this facility, 
> or plan various things each month, or trample other member's homes too ;-)

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