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Re: Feb Meeting, socials, etc

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Gary wrote:
> > > Mutt is elm or Pine on steroids... I have never found anything faster,
> > > or more configurable. I have tried about 30 MUA in Linux, but always
> > > wind up with Mutt. Would be happy to talk about procmail, etc, and the
> > > finer aspects of Mutt.  One of my mboxes is 17GB mbox and Mutt gets it
> > > in just a few seconds. <g>  Macros via key remapping is cool too.. I use
> > > it to change editors, from vim to emacs, or send new mail by different
> > > addresses, a 1000 things on the fly.  Have you looked into profiles...
> > > you can have completely different profiles for each usergroup or
> > > whatever... also Gnupg is fully supported the way it should be by having
> > > complete PGP/MIME compliance, so your attachments are automatically
> > > encrypted too. .. I'll shut up now <g>  
> > >  
> > Okay, I'm interested now. Are you volunteering for March? :-) :-)
> Sure ... I will have the kinks out of RH on my Micron Laptop by then,
> hee, hee.. ya right... (it has been a long time since I tried RH, and am
> installing it this weekend)  I would love to.  
Scheuduling changes. Since we did have a January meeting after all, our 
February slot is open.

We can do one of two (three/four?) things.

If Doc can get us into his workspace, we can hold a mini-installfest.

If he can't, Gary, would you be prepared to do a presentation on MUAs and 
Procmail by the February meeting?

We have ample room at our home, to host (as you recall, our Summer pizza 
party hosted 42) up to 20 comfortably and we can project the presentation 
on one of the large white walls upstairs. We could even set up the mini 
installfest for members here, if wanted.

Which brings me to the next point, socials and more. People who are 
interested, what would you like out of a social meeting? Food? Games? 
Restaurant? Would you want to be just members, or bring family/guests?

Between having a baby and being a cheapskate (sp), my vote would be 
non-restaurant. Due to that, I'm more than willing to host a monthly 
carry-in dinner event, carry-in snacks, movie night, game night, veg 
night, beer night, pizza night, whatever. We can always use this facility, 
or plan various things each month, or trample other member's homes too ;-)

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/

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