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Don't forget tonight's dinner


Please please PLEASE don't forget to attend tonight's dinner. Turnout for
Dave's presentations was not what I expected, and I'd like at least one
exceptional turnout on his final night here. We are having an informal at
the house after the dinner, so if you're unable to attend the dinner,
please feel free to stop in.

Remember, your spouse and such is welcome.

Dinner, 6:30 at Emporer's Wok in O'Fallon. (Behind Theatre at exit 14 off

We are planning around 8pm to get together informally at the house, in
case you were unable to hear Dave at any of his presentations this week. I
live at 20 Clark Drive in Fairview Heights. maps.yahoo.com prints a good
map. If you get lost, you have my number below.

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7320
Author, RHCE Exam Cram
Linux Users of Central Illinois	        http://www.luci.org/
Site Manager                            http://www.LinuxUsersGroups.org/

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