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Re: FVH : DSL?

Kara Pritchard quoteth:
> Does anyone know of any company that offers DSL in the Metro-East area?
> Preferably SDSL.

Umm... yeah... if you're willing to pay $300/mo for SDSL, SpeakEasy provides
a 1.5Mb SDSL line plus 8 IPs. Check their page at speakeasy.net. I looked up
some of their stuff in my "mad DSL" phase -- AT&T's cable lines used to
provide no more than 28.8Kb of bandwidth 24/7, so I was looking for an
alternative to cable. Don't ask. Anyway, my cable is being it's old
1Mb/128Kb self again (not that I really enjoy having ISDN on steroids, but I
guess it's okay).
Nate Reindl

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