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So, with bish.net experiencing a severe drive failure I get to take this
time to evaluate the drive setup.

Right now I'm down to one 40Gig IDE drive.  I have one 1Gig SCSi drive,
but it is pretty old and I don't really want to trust it.

So, I'm in the drive buying business again.  I have one PCI slot avail for
either a SCSI card or a UATA card.  What are people opinion on having a
fast SCSI drive as a system drive and using two IDE drives as so-called
data drives? 

I'm looking for performance here.  I've seen Steve go from a "SCSI is the
way." to "UATA is da bomb"  Now I can either go completely UATA or have a
SCSI/IDE combo.  If you have any real-world experience let me know.  

Choices would be:
9Gig 10,000RPM SCSI drive and either one or two 40GIG IDE drive(s) 


2 40Gig 7200RPM 100UATA IDE drives

I'm liking that 3ware card Steve but I just can't afford it right now.  I
want to move out of this PII and into a new AMD.

| Mark Bishop  (mark@bish.net)         |             Computer Engineer |
| 813.258.2390                         |             Network Engineer  |
| http://bish.net                      |          Embedded Programmer  |

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