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SILUG: Wednesday, 6/1/2011 Metro East meeting

The next St. Louis Metro East meeting of the Southern Illinois Linux
Users Group is scheduled for *tonight*, Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at the
Computer Room at 3720 Green Mount Crossing Drive in Shiloh.  As usual,
the meeting is at 7 PM.

Fedora 15 was released last week.  There are a bunch of changes in it
(full list in the Release Notes here:
http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/15/html/Release_Notes/), but
the ones I personally find most interesting are the integration of Spice
in the virtualization tools (something we talked about a while back, but
at the time it was a bit kludgey) and GNOME 3.  I'd like to talk about
those things, plus anything any of you find particularly interesting.
(LibreOffice?  Firefox 4?  systemd?)

(If anyone wants a copy of Fedora 15 and hasn't already downloaded it,
it will be accessible on the LAN in the training room, BTW.)

Obviously, if any of you would like to ask questions or talk about
anything else, please do so...

See you tonight.  :-)

steve@silug.org           | Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
(618)624-4440             | See web site for meeting details.
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.silug.org/

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